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Storytelling Art

There are always two ways to take a process further whether in art or in any other field, the first is to appropriate the ideas of the previous generation and try to improve on parts of their creations, the second is to reverse all processes to discover new fields of possibilities. Storytelling Art turns the 21st century painter into a Total FilmMaker, developing the concepts of an imaginary world populated by fictional characters, manipulating images using techniques created for film, and mixing graphic genres to alter conceptions of time and space. Storytelling Art pushes the boundaries of composition and revolutionizes the form and appearance of the painting.

The key words of Storytelling Art

Fiction creation of fictional stories and characters,

Manipulation of the framing which is close to the cinematographic art

Merging of all graphics on the same plane.

Storytelling Art reverses all processes:

In the last century, the quest of all painters was to experiment with new graphic representations. The story began with impressionism, then fauvism, cubism, surrealism, expressionism, abstraction, action painting, pop art, graffiti art, and many others.

All these fantastic artists from all these eras have experimented with all graphics so deeply and in so many directions, that no serious graphic revolution can happen now.

Storytelling Art is not a question of graphic style, but a question of interpretation:

The normal process for a painter is to start from reality to create his own vision of his subject through his graphic style. I reverse the process, starting from my imaginary world to create a new reality, using graphic styles as tools.

Usually the graphic unity of a painting comes from a single type of treatment (cubist, pop art, abstract, etc.). I take every liberty to use any type of graphics to express the psychological reality of a character, a subject or a scene and I can do it on the same plane, even on the same motif.

Moreover, why is framing in painting so classical?

For me, I like to multiply the way I frame my different subjects, because it creates more suspense and drama through the image I produce. All paintings tell a story, that's a fact, but to know the story, the audience has to wait for the painting to enter a museum. Most of the time, an artist is dead when that happens and he can't express anything himself (can you imagine your favorite rock band or actor having to die before knowing the ideas behind all his creations?) I start with a story and the audience is directly confronted with the true meaning of my art. Believe me, nothing can be more fun than being a Storytelling artist, and the next step for museums will be to have walls dedicated to stories...

New York Art Jungle

Creating fictional characters:

Creating characters will always be, in my mind, a negotiation between reality and imagination. I didn't hesitate for a minute, when my characters proposed me to enter their network called: "the comitive society club", do you know why? Because they offered me a very exciting offer: a two-dimensional space, a race against time in the world of acceleration, and a very dangerous adventure defying the gods and the chance every minute in the jungle of "THE COMITIVE stories", filled with eccentric creatures, sophisticated women, adventurers, buccaneers, bankers, robots...

Anyone can join The Comitive Society club, a secret VIP network: non-conformist and avant-garde people, lucky people with good taste, free spirits, elegant people, adventurers. If you like to party all over the world, maybe one of these days you will meet Lisa L'aventura, Don Cello Cordoba and Duke Spencer Percival, the main characters of my stories

Don Cello Cordoba, Argentinean polo player, named "the master of timing".
Favorite punchline: "When I'm good I'm good when I'm bad I'm better!"Residence: Fugitive
His car: Ac Cobra
His favorite music: Gotan Project
Distinguishing mark: Scorpion on chest.

Lisa Laventura is a smart glamorous heroine with a frightening sense of negotiation, nicknamed the Queen of Makeovers. An American-Monegasque with a passion for chess and art, she is the owner of the Monegasque Trust Bank.
Favorite punchline: I'm the best thing that ever happened to this world
Residence: A yacht anchored in Monaco
Her car: Rolls Royce two-tone
Her favorite music: Mozart
Distinguishing mark: Jewelry question mark

Duke Spenser Percival is an English ex-trader, a genius of numbers, named "the mathematical eye",
Favourite punchline: Nothing says goodbye like a bullet!
Residence: Fugitive
His car: Jaguar C TYPE
His favorite music: Miles DAVIS
Distinguishing feature: Always wears glasses

Have you ever heard of banksters?

The alliance of bankers and gangsters? Relentless, cold, calculating, methodical, monomaniacal, the Banksters form a secret police force of formidable efficiency. They are the "Bounty killers" of the world of acceleration! They ensure security and justice, they have the right of life and death on any subject and are at the head of a fantastic army of robotic creatures, programmed to enforce order in all the cities of the empire of acceleration and to filter the only people entitled to borrow "the tube" in order to go to the higher cities. Perfectly recognizable thanks to their bespoke suits, their soft hats and their two-tone shoes, it is better to never have to deal with the banksters, the most dangerous beings of the Empire of Acceleration...

Damned its Monday, Bankster mood

Multifaceted beings: The largest population in the Acceleration Empire are the Multifaceted beings, who are expendable and institutional guardians. They are able to compete in terms of efficiency and speed with any connected tool of the Acceleration Empire, thanks to the reprogramming of their brain. They are beings totally devoted to the absolute master of the acceleration world: LORD
TRUELOVE, the Master of Time. 

The multifaceted man

The robot army: Under the responsibility and command of the banksters, these creatures are developed and perfected in the floating cities. Equipped with a high technology, hyperconnected, they are made from multiple materials and are always painted with bright colors POP ART style: Monkeys droners, spider vault, endless spiral, mechanical iron dog, Truelove robot etc. ... These creatures all seem to come out of a comic book, or a sculpture workshop of the 2000s but better not cross their path because they are programmed to eliminate ...

"Faced with a single graphic image, the public is a spectator; faced with a work of Storytelling Art, the public becomes an accomplice.


Marc Ferrero 2022