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The comitive network

Fiction painted in a fantasy world created by Marc Ferrero.

The birth of the concept of acceleration, the evil dictatorship of Lord TRUELOVE, the Master of Time...

The concept of acceleration was born from the brain of a man whose real name and face no one knows anymore. With the aura of a rock star, he is now called LORD TRUELOVE, the Master of Time.

His communication with the masses is only done through his own social network: THE TRUELOVE NETWORK. Thanks to the dazzling success of the theories developed through this network, which was created well after the social networks as we know them today, legions of fans have gathered around the planet to impose the concept of the "FASTLIFE" on humanity: a lifestyle of privileges reserved only for the members of the Empire of Acceleration.

Oil on canvas 116 X 81 cm

Every day, new territories and new cities are conquered.
Every day, new followers swell the ranks of the new FASTLIFE elites...

The world lives today by the time contracts distilled by atomic clocks located in floating cities. All clocks, mechanical watches and time marks of all kinds have been destroyed. Day and night have become secondary values, the only thing that matters is the mission assigned to each of you and the battery reserve you have. In order to adapt to the technicality of a lifestyle based on acceleration, a new language and new beings have been created.

As for the cities we know, they now benefit from a new social organization, in order to ensure that FASTLIFE members have maximum security and access to all the advantages offered by the world of acceleration.


Lord Truelove

To what time does your mission belong ? ?

From a totally crazy concept, Lord TRUELOVE has created a new reality, a new world, the Empire of Acceleration...

Mathematical formulas and magical equations have converted time into time contracts backed by mission orders, hours, minutes and seconds no longer exist? In this new social organization, the mission order determines the time interval allotted to each person. It must be respected at all costs or else one is excluded from the Empire of Acceleration.

The READY TO THINK capsules placed in the brains of the reprogrammed beings allow them to carry out their mission in the time allotted to them, and to live the Fastlife, a human being would be unable to do so. To live several lives in one thanks to the time intervals gained.

Oil on canvas 162 X 110 cm

This counterpart is very attractive because each successful mission allows you to acquire capsules from the PLEASURE MACHINE that allow you to become the stars of the acceleration world.

Capable of fulfilling all your professional, recreational, sporting or artistic desires, they are the ultimate reward for your total dedication to the cause of acceleration and are a real bargaining chip.

"In the world of acceleration I sleep little but I sleep fast!"

Oil on canvas 200 X 100 cm

The dictatorship of the time contracts intended for the members of FastLife, distilled by the atomic clocks of the floating cities, has allowed the Empire of Acceleration to reign as an absolute master over the entire world. In the abstract world, the offshore networks of the rebellion are engaged in a merciless struggle to restore time and human values.

The heroes of the Comitive Society Club, the most famous offshore network, have the weapon to fight the robotic creatures of the Acceleration Empire.

A fantastic world:

Floating cities, the impregnable fortresses of the the empire of acceleration :

A new fantasy world
All the member cities of the world of acceleration are divided into three parts:
The URBAN CENTER: a minimalist, totally enclosed space reserved for members of the FAST LIFE.
The FLOATING CITY: located a few hundred meters above the cities, connected to the urban center zone by the famous tube in which the ribbon highways circulate, closely monitored and robotized, they are interspersed with safe doors that filter the people authorized to go to the floating cities in which the airports have also been transferred.
The ABSTRACT WORLD, around the urban centers, a totally anarchic space where all the excluded live.


The Comitive Society club, a secret network: Lisa L'aventura, Cello Cordoba and Duke Spencer Percival, are the only ones to possess the human time guard.

Heroes the comitive offshore network
Endowed with an extraordinary I.Q., they are part of the lucky numbers, the only representatives of the human race capable, thanks to their aptitudes, of adapting to the new lifestyle imposed by the Empire of acceleration without having to undergo reprogramming of their brain.
This network has succeeded in preserving human time thanks to a subterfuge undetectable by any of Lord Truelove's machines: the concept of "colored time".
Lisa L'Aventura the queen of metamorphosis
Don Cello Cordoba, the master of timing
Duke, the mathematical eye

The bad guys:

Lord Truelove the master of time and all the creatures in the empire of acceleration: his secret police the banksters, the multi-faceted men reprogrammed beings and his army of robots...

The villain
The robotic creatures of the Empire of Acceleration:
Under the responsibility and command of the banksters, these creatures are developed and perfected in the floating cities.
Equipped with a high technology, hyperconnected, they are made from multiple materials and are always painted with bright colors POP ART style:
Monkeys droners, spider vault, the perpetual gear, mechanical iron dog, Truelove robot etc ...
The reprogrammed multi-space beings
The banksters, the secret police of the Empire of Acceleration
The robot army that brings order to the empire of acceleration


Restore real time and stop the acceleration and invasion of machines in order to put human values back at the center of society's evolution.

The quest
The offshore networks were made up of free spirits, adventurers, scientists, engineers, doctors, fallen aristocrats, businessmen, artists, mercenaries... Some had refused to become Lucky Numbers, others had been forcibly commandeered by the Empire. But whatever their status, they were all secretly fighting to overthrow the new world order imposed by the world of acceleration, and dreaming of the day when they could celebrate "Time Regained".

The weapon of rebellion:

In the secrecy of his studio, a painter has developed a secret weapon thanks to the magical power of color...

The weapon of the rebellion
The colored time of which the Comitive Society club is the depositary holds the memory of the human time. An old painter of the Abstract World, member of the Comitive Society Club, had the idea one day, to cut the 24 hours of a day into eight quarters of three hours represented by eight different colors and to insert this time marker inside connected bracelets intended to trace the most influential members of the rebellion. Any vibration can be fatal to a machine, and color is a vibration that has a particular wavelength. When color enters a person's field of vision, it creates a spontaneous emotion, but when it enters the electro-magnetic field of a robotic creature, it is broken down into pixels.

A fiction painted in large formats:

3 adaptations : a movie (currently under study in Los Angeles), a series of 8 episodes and a musical.

Painted fiction

The series:

  • From Baltic to Dubai
  • Fast life in Tokyo
  • No more pleasure machine in Mexico
  • Eldorado in South Africa
  • Vicky revolver
  • Lisa L'Aventura in danger
  • The Empire of acceleration facing the desert of the eagles

The Musical:

In the kingdom of time, the king, the master of hours, the queen, the mistress of minutes and their faithful jockey, busy riding the seconds, are bored.
Since the Empire of acceleration reigns supreme on the surface of the globe, the Royal Clock has stopped. Gone are the hours, minutes and seconds. Humans have entered the era of "FASTLIFE" and now wear a Multifaceted mask filled with interchangeable electronic gadgets thanks to READY TO THINK capsules that allow them to live in accelerated mode.

At the head of the Empire of Acceleration, a dark idol: LORD TRUELOVE, the Master of Time, who still has one last dream to fulfill: to push the royal couple and their son into a golden retirement and dismiss this insignificant jockey in order to be the one and only, on the throne of time.

This was without counting on the hilarious adventures of the faithful jockey. During his stay with the Multifaceted Earthlings, his encounter with the three heroes of colored time and the magical power of the QUESTION MARK flower will crush all of LORD TRUELOVE's dreams of power and restore royal time forever.

Marc Ferrero 2022