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February 28, 2019 in Eze - Hublot, Swiss House of Fine Watchmaking (or Swiss Watch Manufacture) and Marc Ferrero, a painter behind storytelling art, unveil the Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero. A tribute to the woman of the 21st century, who illustrates herself through the multiplicity of her roles, unique and embodied as a modern-day heroine in this exclusive timepiece. An exploratory approach to art and watchmaking.

A Muse, the woman of the 21st century

By turns wife, mother, friend, lover, businesswoman, femme fatale, fashion icon or night owl, the modern-day woman is unpredictable, multiple, but always unique. Disarming, she plays with the simple or complex adventures that challenge her; drawing her charm, she juggles with the lives that fill each of her days.

Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero

The dial tells the story of this modern-day heroine, Lipstick, an iconic work by the artist. Enigmatic, behind her dark glasses, she remains sovereign in the face of the unexpected, asserting her femininity, armed with her lipstick. Forty-two colored topazes adorn the bezel of the 39 mm case, which fits her feminine wrists. With one push, the leather strap gives way to the alligator and rubber version, a touch of sophistication appropriate to the moment. Available in red and turquoise, the special series features the patented "One click" attachment system and will be produced in 50 pieces in each color.

Watchmaking and painting in motion: fusion

Hublot and Marc Ferrero cultivate the art of exploration in their respective fields, with fusion as their guiding principle. The unexpected marriage of rare and innovative materials for Hublot and the marriage of different graphic styles on the same plane for the artist, a friend of the brand. It was therefore natural that their innovative minds should find a common expression, watchmaking as a vehicle for art. The story of timeless adventures, materialized by the Big Bang One click Marc Ferrero timepiece. A flagship announcement in connection with the "Hublot loves Art" series.

Launch of the BIG BANG one click Marc FERRERO in Monaco

New York Boutique Hublot 5th Avenue

Los Angeles Boutique in Beverly Hills

Tokyo and Kyoto

In 2020, after the success of these first two limited editions, Marc Ferrero signed two new editions in black and white:

For its second artistic collaboration with the master of storytelling art, Hublot reinvites Lipstick, Marc Ferrero's most iconic work, on the dial of its Big Bang One Click 39mm.

From color to black and white

This time, the artist of color tells a story in black and white through two models in a limited edition of 100 pieces. One, in polished steel and resin, with a lacquered dial and a calfskin and rubber strap, all in white. The other, in black ceramic with a lacquered dial and a calfskin and rubber strap in a black and white duo. Two opposites that attract and complement each other. An iconic duo where the work of Marc Ferrero prints the message of a free woman, affixing his work from the dial to the strap.

In white or black, symbol of an inseparable complementarity, it illustrates the universal duality of day and night. An essential white, subtle/minimalist, seductive without being seductive. A deep, bold and magnetic black. Two watches that remind us that day without night is not a day, and that night without day is not a night.

"I love the power of black and white, the shadow and the light. The Yin and the Yang. The first is deep, unclassifiable, eternal. The second is subtle, ethereal, timeless. They symbolize antithesis and complementarity. Choosing black and white means going to the essence without excessive tonality. Black and white make Lipstick even more graphic and its lipstick, red - more magnetic."

Marc Ferrero
Hublot collaboration
Marc Ferrero 2022